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Hi!  My name is Janis Borroto- I guess you can call this a food blog, because essentially what you’re going to see here is all my adventures with food (and drink)- whether it be entertaining at home, dining out, local favorites, recipes, traveling- the common theme will be deliciously edible treats. Food represents so much more than eating though- it’s a symbol of togetherness, family and friends, love, creativity, passion, themes, health, nutrition, exploration- basically food is life.  So this isn’t just a food blog for me, it’s my life blog.  This was actually supposed to have started a year ago, but for personal reasons had to be put on hold. I guess it wasn’t meant to be back then, but the time is now!

You can say that the passion and love of food is in my blood.  Coming from a Cuban and Chinese background, I grew up on a very cultured menu. From churrasco and arroz y frijoles, to stir fried tofu and lap cheong fried rice, I was exposed to a lot of variety.  As a kid I remember how much I loved to watch my mother cook, and I was even given the nickname “Mousie” by my childhood babysitter because I was tiny and LOVED cheese (and so my blog name was born).  My mother is actually a huge inspiration and source of my passion for food.  She is the reason why I learned to eat so many exotic foods, and is still my number one foodie partner <3

As I got older, my interest in this whole food thing really grew and it wasn’t just about eating delicious food, but all the things that involve it- finding that hidden gem with the best dumplings, burgers or bahn mi…researching for friends to find the best restaurants to suit their needs or preferences…sifting through restaurant menus online…testing out new recipes at home with family and friends. Regardless of the setting, the common theme is based around the experience of eating. It is that very experience that I want to share with all of you, and so this blog was created. I can only hope that my stories inspire a similar passion in my followers, and maybe even help you decide where to go on that first date too ;)

Soooooo this is the rebirth of Mousie’s Munchies- better late than never right?  Hope you all enjoy reading this blog, as much as I will enjoy eating and living for it- buen provecho and much love to all of you for taking the time to read it!

Special thanks to Brian Rubio for creating ‘Mousie’, and understanding my vision for her from across the country :) xoxo

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