Road Trippin (part 1)- The Unknown Artist

Hey guys, it’s been a little while, life has been a bit busy. Recently took a week long road trip with 2 of my favorite people and travel buddies, Yvonne and Canan. We had a blast and I figured I would share some of the experience (heads up this is a non food related entry- my apologies in advance, but this was too good not to share :) )…

Our main objective for taking this road trip was to shoot footage for Yvonne’s film school thesis project, a documentary featuring her uncle Franco Castelluccio.  His studio is located in Winter Springs Florida, just a few miles from Orlando.  Frank (as we know him) is a sculptor, but you would never know it at first glance.  He looks like an ordinary guy- jeans, t-shirt, weathered baseball cap and a scruffy face.  But upon closer inspection- clay on everything he touches, butter knife in his hand, a soulful look in his eyes, and a funny laugh- his presence seems larger than life and you find yourself wanting to tap into his brain even if for a second.  In my fantasy he sees life as one big sculpture and everything as a potential muse.  He is unbelievably, almost freakishly talented, quirky, unfiltered, humble, and unapologetically passionate about his work and what he does.  Not touching a piece of clay until his twenties, sculpting is now life as he knows it and he will do it until he can’t anymore.  Just ask him and he’ll tell you: he is living the dream.

His artwork features athletes, dancers, animals, historic figures, westerns, mythology, and his prized piece- the “Double Helix XX-XY”.  The pieces come in all different shapes and sizes and each tell their own unique story.  All I can say is that the feeling when you are standing in his studio surrounded by so much wonder, talent, passion, creativity and hard work, is in one word- MAGICAL. You find yourself just wanting to soak in all of the beauty that surrounds you, but also being around Frank is an experience in itself.  I will eventually share the link to the project and you will really get a feel for what this man is all about, since he is really hard to describe in words.  He is unlike anyone you’ve met before, and you just want to talk to him for hours with the hopes that his magic will be contagious.  This is exactly what we did, and I look forward to sharing the experience with you all, so stay tuned! Here are some pictures from my visit, but also check him out on the following:

"The Catch"  (2008 Superbowl 7/8 life size)

“The Catch” (2008 Superbowl 7/8 life size)



"Beethoven" -portrayed so uniquely than ever seen before

“Beethoven” -portrayed so uniquely than ever seen before


A close-up of the amazing “Double Helix XX-XY”, Franco’s depiction of a DNA strand

An example of how the sculptures look after being bronzed, this is "The Apocolypse"

An example of how the sculptures look after being bronzed, this is “The Apocolypse”

This one is inspired by one of his two daughters "Nicole" and is my personal favorite

This one is inspired by one of his two daughters “Nicole” and is my personal favorite

Your's truly with the main man and one of his dancers

Your’s truly with the main man and one of his dancers

“Beauty is a value as important as truth and goodness.”- Franco Castelluccio


  1. I am in love with every one of his pieces!!! <3 Can't wait to see Yvonne's documentary!

    • Thank you for your attention and all your praiseful comments. I appreciate your taking the time to write this wonderful scenario. I didn’t realize I was so amazing, and good looking-lol For your next visit I promise I’ll get a new hat. As an artist, your thoughts and comments are like oxygen for me. I like one of your tags or key words- whatever you call them, you put passion.-its all about the passion.

      • jborroto15

        It was my pleasure! I’m just happy you are pleased, it was nothing but truth and honesty from my perspective. Thanks again for having us, and don’t throw that hat away! :)

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