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Here in Jersey City, we had our annual ‘All About Downtown Street Fair’.  Tons of locals come out to this event which boasts hundreds of vendors, food trucks, exhibits, art and live music.  Unfortunately I couldn’t attend this year because I had tickets to New York City Ballet’s Swan Lake (it was beautiful!).  Butttt there was just one thing that I just could not miss, and that is The Morris (grilled cheese) Truck.


This truck is like the angel of all food trucks, and it’s mission is to take you to heaven and back in the 4 minutes it takes to inhale it’s gooey goodness.  The truck itself is all white, with no really big or obvious signage besides the big ‘EAT’ stop sign.  I used to call it ‘the white Eat truck’, but honestly they don’t need any fancy stuff here, the grilled cheese speaks for itself.  I literally tell myself to eat slower, so I can enjoy the experience longer– it’s THAT good.


Now I won’t lie and say i’ve tried all of the menu, and this blog will not have extensive reviews or multiple pictures of the food.  This is simply because I can’t get myself to order anything different than the one I love.  I just don’t know why you would want to fix what’s not broken.  They also sell homemade sodas- the yuzu ginger sounds good, but I honestly didn’t even read the sign when I was there, I was too focused.  Maybe one day I’ll venture out and try the other offerings (check them out below), but for now i’m utterly loyal to my ‘Delicate Cheese’.

image_4     image_3

The Delicate Cheese is made with truffle cheese and caramelized shallots on the inside…truffle butter and sea salt on the outside.  That is basically all I need to say, and I’m sure you understand now why I just cannot cheat on it.  The picture could never in a million years do this justice.  The flavors are perfect, the cheese is gooey, the bread crunchy, and the sea salt is a perfect finish.  Best $10 you’ll ever spend– it’s just perfection, period.  I’ll just add that the truck was the winner at the Jersey Shore Food Truck Wars this past May.  Go get one- right now!

image_7     image_1

The Morris Truck

All About Downtown Street Fair

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