Give Thanks!


On this special day of gratitude, I would like to give thanks for my family which includes my close friends who I consider family.  I would also like to give thanks for my health and for the roof above my head, since both can be so easily taken.  As some of you may know, we experienced a four alarm fire here in downtown Jersey City yesterday, displacing at least 22 people from their homes.  Coming from personal experience, I know what it feels to have your home and everything you own be taken from you in such a sudden and tragic way.  My heart goes out to all of my fellow community members affected by this incident, what a devastating and scary feeling to experience, especially right before a holiday.  As sad as these things are, no matter whether your home burns down or floods, one thing you will always have are good friends and family to console you, support you, and love you.  So this year my special thanks goes out to my support system, love you all (you know who you are) <3

I would like to personally wish all of you and yours a very healthy, safe, happy, warm, abundant, and most of all delicioussss Thanksgiving holiday.  Treasure the moments and be grateful- HAPPY THANKSGIVING! :)


To donate $10 to the those affected by the Grove Street fire, text 52000 with subject ‘UWHC FIRE’ or click here

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