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Hey guys!  I know I’ve been MIA, but I promise I have a good excuse!  I’ve been a little busy with a new project– I am now the Co-Owner and Creative Director of the Garden State Food Tours company!   So what is this project all about?  GSFT will provide unique and interactive dining experiences to the local foodie communities of Jersey City and Montclair, with big plans for further expansion throughout the state.  This will mainly be in the way of walking guided tours to the best eateries these cities have to offer, with events ranging from sit down formal course by course meals, to grab and go bites.  Some projects will be featured events, perhaps with a collaboration of vendors in one location, or maybe an educational demonstration or interactive class.  We will also be offering custom and private tours for corporate events, team building, wedding and birthday parties, and ultimately private restaurant concierge service.  We have lots of great ideas, exciting plans, and with our established relationships in the community and collaborations, the opportunities are endless!

I am working with a great team which includes Alessia Aron, resident of Hamilton Park here in Jersey City and former employee of Yelp and Dish Crawl; as well as Kevin Anderson, resident of Montclair and also founder/owner of the well known and fast growing Devil Gourmet super foodie site.  Each of us brings a different contribution to the table, but share the common passion and love for food and community.  We have a lot of planning in the works this month and are working diligently to make each and every experience one to remember.  We are very close to sharing some February tour dates with you all, as well as unveil our new website, so stay tuned!

Our ultimate goal is not only to bring you the best culinary experiences these cities have to offer, but also to bring communities together, showcase restaurant owners and chefs, and really highlight the amazing talent we have right here in our lovely Garden State.  You don’t have to cross a bridge or tunnel anymore for a phenomenal dining adventure.  The new world is about having that same experience right here in your own or surrounding communities, sharing the experience with your neighbors and friends.  So come be a part of the new movement!  This is a long time dream of mine that is finally starting to come to fruition, and I hope you will all join me on what will be an amazing and mouth watering ride for 2014!

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  1. Mario

    Sound very exciting!! looking forward to seeing this develop and becoming a customer this coming year!

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