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Give Thanks!


On this special day of gratitude, I would like to give thanks for my family which includes my close friends who I consider family.  I would also like to give thanks for my health and for the roof above my head, since both can be so easily taken.  Read more…

Red Bubbly Anyone…?

photo 1

With the holidays approaching fast, I figured I would take this time to introduce you all to one of my favorite and best kept hidden secret wine choices: Sparkling Shiraz.  Unique and festive, it really is a great choice for celebrations of all kinds.  Read more…

A Moveable Feast!


For Ernest Hemingway Paris was a moveable feast.  For me this past Tuesday, my moveable feast was right here in Jersey City’s Hamilton Park.  All thanks to the new Garden State Food Tours company, with co-founder Alessia Aron a resident of Hamilton Park herself.  Read more…

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